Digital Expo Platform HK Makes Training and Coaching Easier than Ever

The world needed a quality, stable virtual space during the COVID-19 quarantine. Many sites tried to offer that to different groups of users but most of them were lacking something. As a response to the needs of all clients, UC. Now created a Digital Expo Platform HK that serves various purposes.

When it comes to webinars, UC. Now offers excellent features. The organizers can use the InfoHub for customers all around the world. The Digital Expo Platform HK encourages users to learn more and better. By using only one software, both organizers and attendees of the webinar will get the maximum out of this experience.

This Digital Expo Platform HK serves as an amazing Employee Training Scheduling Solution. Company owners that prioritize training and understand how important it is to improve in the fast business world can utilize UC. Now in multiple ways. They can create various workplaces for different groups. Thus, if owners, managers, or recruiters need group lectures, competitions, coaching, discussions, or simple meetings, they can use UC. Now.

The Employee Training Solution allows administrators of the channel to organize, manage and host training sessions easily. They do not have to use multiple programs that confuse the organizers and the participants. Instead, trainers and recruiters can do it all in one place – UC. Now.

The software has an automated workflow. It creates classes automatically with only a few clicks. The Employee Training Solution allows admins to set up course content and present it to the trainees accordingly. Moreover, UC. Now can automatically invite trainees and track the registration. All the options make recruitment and training extremely easy and fast.

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