Hybrid Conference Solution Facilitate Online Engagement

U.C. NOW, a hybrid conference solution HK is growing its influence internationally after a sensational success in the region. This software transformed digital communication in Hong Kong by providing comprehensive services to communities that facilitated their meetings, conferences, webinars, meetings, and other types of virtual gatherings.

Users can take advantage of a superior InfoHub that allows them to host and attend multi-stream online events for groups of all sizes. Educational institutions, companies, and a range of communities recognized the quality of this online community software platform, which led to a great expansion of UC. NOW in Hong Kong.

“EduCanada Fair In Hong Kong 2022” is one of the projects that showed the amazing capabilities of UC. NOW as a compact hybrid conference solution. Using a powerful online community software platform, participants of the EduCanada Fair 2022 were able to access materials used during the event even after it closed. They could submit their applications to different colleges easily and they could find the links to official websites immediately. With only a with steps, applicants could reach out to colleges of their choice. They only had to enter relevant information about themselves and the hybrid conference solution did the rest for them. Thanks to the automated scheduler workflow, users could schedule interviews and open great opportunities for themselves. 

This powerful hybrid conference solution made over 250 partnering sessions in only two days as a part of “EduCanada Fair In Hong Kong 2022”, which is one of many successful partnerships that the online community software platform is proud of as it continues to grow its popularity and is ready to make the same impact worldwide that will follow its domestic success.

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