Mental Health Service for Young People in Hong Kong

An effective Drug Prevention Strategy HK can largely influence young people in the region. Mental health is extremely important for people of all ages. However, people between the ages of 14 and 24 need special attention because it is a fragile period that requires monitoring and guidance. With a well-designed Mental Health Service, young people have better chances to learn how to handle stress, pressure, and how to avoid drugs at alcohol that are easily available to youth today, unfortunately.

KELY Support Group provides a Mental Health Service that includes crucial aspects needed for the healthy mental development of young people. Specialists of this group use a Drug Prevention Strategy HK that showed amazing results since 1991 when KELY started operating.

Mental Health Service consists of programs that help young people cope with stress, understand their emotions, and prepare for the future challenges. As a reliable assistant to youth, KELY is cooperating with reputable institutions in Hong Kong, which includes schools and communities that understand the importance of mental health.

The goal of the Drug Prevention Strategy HK is to prevent and reduce the damage that alcohol and drug abuse causes. Programs with engaging content and practices teach young people how to resist the influence of their peers, the temptation of using harmful substances and they equip them with skills to stay clean of alcohol and drugs and have a healthy lifestyle. Specialists that manage the programs are regularly implementing them to follow the latest trends and dangers of the society, which keeps the effectiveness of KELY Support Group at a high level consistently.

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