The Difference Between Vascular and Endovascular Treatment

Endovascular Treatment refers to the non-surgical treatment that includes the utilization of catheters and other devices such as stents, coils, and balloons to prevent the creation of an aneurysm, which is a bulge in a blood vessel. The bulge typically branches in the blood vessel wall.

Endovascular Treatment is the opposite of Vascular Treatment, which is open surgery. The goal of both is the same but the methods to achieve it are different. Vascular surgery includes incisions and it is more invasive. On the other hand, Endovascular therapy has a minimally invasive approach. Typically, specialists use a sheath or a needle puncture to treat vascular issues.

Esteem Surgical Clinic is a reputable medical center that offers a set of vascular and endovascular therapies in Hong Kong. The clinic started operating in 2009. Since then, the list of services has expanded enormously. Specialists at the Esteem Surgical Clinic treat even the most critical vascular conditions.

Endovascular Treatment involves the utilization of top-class equipment that meets the highest standards of the healthcare industry. When patients book a consultation at Esteem Surgical Clinic, they can be sure that the medics will run all the necessary exams and know exactly what kind of therapy is required. At the first consultation, patients need to share how they feel and what they struggle with. According to that, specialists will examine them and suggest the best type of treatment. Certified doctors at Esteem Surgical Clinic use effective methods to diagnose health issues. After they know exactly what problem patients have, the therapy will begin shortly.

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